Fool's 'Mixed Media' available at LUPA.

Our much beloved and long time friends at FOOL have created a smorgasbord of colour and texture in this seasons Knitwear range ‘Mixed Media’.

A symphonic clash of patterns including diamonds, checks and bubble blister knits for texture, the patterns are complex but the shapes are clear and simple, the perfect combination!

Rowena Doolan the brains and heart behind the Fool label, hand draws the patterns and then decides on the palette, this is then converted in to a file that the amazing knitting machines of her Brunswick manufacturers can comprehend and BAM the first sample is born. The design of each piece in the range is adjusted and refined until finally the pieces are produced in 100% pure wool. Making us the lucky recipients drool as they roll in the door. SUMPTUOS!

We can’t wait for ‘Block Party’ the summer knit range. It’s going to be in bright turquoise, greens and pinks in big and small checks (yes please!), so when its time to lighten up a little the soft cottons will be gracing the floor at LUPA.