yes yes! its that time again.. we're having a lovely big winter sale! come along and get yourself a spectacular bargain. x

winter warmth

winter is here and its cold. lucky for tights, leg warmers, gloves and just general layering of warm bright coloured things. mmmm wool...

pooja sharma:

horses coat cashmere/wool blend in navy or carmine $550

mohair long jumper in navy or white $295


pure wool stripe jumper $390

boogie boy:

wool 'rah' skirt $99

'stel knits' pure wool goodies:

hand knitted gloves and handwarmers $40

hand knitted leg warmers $50

sunday morning

vintage fabric scarves $55

stay tuned for information on an upcoming winter sale! yep! sale! (we'll post soon.) xxxx


Inspired by a snazzy digital camera with a pen tool, Lupa has undergone a makeover. think pink. think jungle. think classical music and sparkling shiraz...
But, fear not loyal customers. The walls have changed, but the ethos hasn't! Lupa continues to stock amazing Melbourne made clothing and accessories from a huge range of local designers.

In the renovation process we left a space at the back of the store to display creative endeavours from the likes of you! Currently we have an installation by FABULOUS local designers A Name Is A Label. We also have heaps of new stock straight from their magic

tomato red dress with black elastic waist ($330) and multi colour collage dress with front and back ties (sold)

ravens black, red and green collage top with white buttons ($242)

khaki and olive sculpture skirt with trims ($154)

If anyone out there is interested in the installation space... ie. would like to attach a giant knitted octopus or cardboard robot to the wall, email us and tell us all about it! we like weird. we like wonderful.

heres a taste of some other goodness is store...

okok tights. nylon, cotton and wool blends in lovely colours. (from $24)

lala high prism drawstring huckleberry kym bags in assorted gorgeous fabrics $44

great photos by Jessica Robertson, available as gift cards for $6.60

hope to see you soon. x