THANK YOU for coming and making our sale extra fun.

Hope you got your hands on some hot little items and still had money left over for a new umbrella.



Yep! thats right!
Come one, come all and get armfuls of seriously hot seriously cheap clothing.

see you here. x


recently photographer alister haskell came and took photographs in store. check em' out.


If you went to an exhibition recently and thought, "i really like collage and i wish that I could wear it around everyday, in various shades, shapes and sizes", maybe you should come in and see our new range from a name is a label?

heres some:

white sculpture top with wood buttons $176

patterned collage halter dress with side tie $197

oatmeal collage top with front tie $176

blue and white sculpture dress with sequins $242

cloud white top with stitching detail $176

sulphur blue sculpture top with buttons $176


speaking of springtime

here are some frocks to wear whilst frolicking in parks, attending summery bbq's and just generally enjoying some sunshine...

from leonard street:

flight of fancy wrap dress in black birds (100% silk) $298

and in cute house print

bean jumpsuit in teal $189

available in black and red print (above), yellow print, and black.

From ella (new to lupa!):

black and white floral wrap dress $242

black and white wrap dress $242

and from queen:

georgie dress in green

and spectacular electric blue $176

hello vitamin D.