Christina Exie brings her avant-garde designs to LUPA and we are very happy.

We are excited to welcome designer Christina Exie into our LUPA stores. Launching in 2011 Exie has already enjoyed a stellar introduction to the land of Melbourne Made Design. Conceptually driven design, that translates broad themes such as gravity and water into tailored but fluid pieces giving each item a sense of intrigue whilst remaining accessible.  (you just want to put it on!)

It’s this juxtaposition of the avant-garde (a term commonly applied to the label) and the highly wearable fit and feel of each piece that makes her work so successful.

A graduate of RMIT fashion design and winner of Australian Project Runway’s fourth series the designer has earned her colours and collected a loving audience along the way.

Exie embraces new silhouettes each season that are beyond trend, light sand Ester swing coats with brilliant red linings finished with crimson tacking, or ankle length the Micah wool waist coats complete with awe inspiring French seaming also in red, making each piece as interesting on the inside as it is on the outside!