Ah Fitzroy…. Our new home.

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We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners of the Fitzroy area.

At the beginning of April LUPA was lucky enough to begin its journey onward and upward from it’s Northcote birthplace and heartland for over 12 years . We were very excited to be able to take over the site of the long loved and admired Queen Clothing store and with Christine Boyle’s blessing LUPA moved in.

Customers have been delighted that the Melbourne Made tradition has been continued at the site and they have warmly welcomed us into the neighborhood.

From its slummy origins earlier last century through its evolution to being one of Melbourne’s most dynamic, shopping and cultural precincts LUPA says thanks FITZROY we are happy to call you home…..

We would also like to wish Queen Clothing and its amazing designer Christine Boyle Bon Voyage with blessings from the whole Melbourne Made design community and we are only just a tiny bit jealous about the new life she will be forging in LAOS, send us a postcard Chris!!

Photo Credit Bryony Jackson
See you all our first ever Fitzroy garage sale on the Election weekend!