1950's curves are in for Hutchinson's 2013 swim wear collection 'Final Spin'

Tanya Hutchinson is one of 5 daughters, so she understands the diversity of shape and the line of the female form. After working in accessories for over 15 years Hutchinson developed a taste for happy clashes of pattern and colour. She has transformed her love of feminine diversity, colour and chaos into harmonic unity.

‘Final Spin’ refers to a love of all things 1950's from music to fashion and is a glorious cacophony of swimwear designed to celebrate the va va voom of all you curvy ladies!

The swim suits feature remnants from Rod Stewarts costumiers studio leopard skin and shimmering gold to sweet floral’s and seaside stripes, its an all-sorts line up to sift through until you find the combo you love.

All the tops are reversible and the sizing is comprehensive with varied top and bottom sizing so you are sure to find the mix that is right for you.

Hutchinson has also provided mixture of fabric tensions to allow comfort where its required and a little control where it is also necessary. Bather sets are $154 and made in Fairfield!