high street road closure

Just a little note to say that from the 9th to the 15th of July there will be road works happening on High Street, and the road will be closed, BUT Lupa and lots of other shops will be open. Just poke your head around the cyclone fencing and jackhammers. After they finish we'll have a shiny new tram stop and a less insane traffic situation.
Hello sanity.

That said, it will particularly deafening this Saturday and Sunday, so we will be closed.
Here is a list of hours:

Friday 8th: 10-6
Saturday 9th: Closed
Sunday 10th: Closed
Monday 11th: 10-5:30
Tuesday 12th: 10-5:30
Wednesday 13th: 10-5:30
Thursday 14th: 10-6
Friday 15th: 10-6

and so on as normal...

AAAND we're still on sale. And some of the designers have marked their lovely stock down even further!

See you soon. x